Perform at your peak. Accelerate learning. Attract and retain the best talent. Beat you competition. 

Quest2 can help the leaders and employees in your organization reach their full potential, deepen connections, and help you continue driving engagement and revenue forward. With Quest2 in your corner, you’ll be able to connect the dots between what is and what could be.


Mission + Vision + Alignment = Organizational Success

At Quest2 Consulting, we teach organizations how to influence culture and address problems from a holistic standpoint—all systems have to function together at the highest level for them to be successful. We help organizations decrease disconnections and increase the competencies, skills, and knowledge across their leadership team so individuals and teams can work better together through hands-on, relevant, and impactful workshops:

  • Leadership & influence 
  • Coaching & mentoring
  • Developing new managers
  • Developing middle managers
  • Change management
  • Setting and executing corporate goals
  • Improving individual and team performance
  • Driving accountability
  • And more

Quest2 tailors each workshop based on the specific disconnects and challenges facing YOUR business using in-depth personal and organizational assessments and hands-on consulting. 

Reach out to find out how you can increase employee engagement, consistently meet—and exceed—sales goals, and maximize office morale and culture with our customized workshops and training solutions.

For Leaders

Knowing the job isn’t the same as leading people because operational knowledge doesn’t always translate to effective leadership. Effective leaders engage people to boost their discretionary effort and improve results. But connecting and engaging with people isn’t easy and doesn’t come natural to everyone. By combining research and science-backed business planning and training workshops with direct, inspiring, and motivational accountability coaching, Quest2 builds effective leadership behaviors to help leaders, managers, and individuals across your organization engage the people they lead and influence to drive organizational results.

We teach leaders the skills they need to enforce the curriculum and lessons learned so their employees stay connected to the training AND the mission and values of their organization. 

Because, the fact is, the higher up the organization, the more crucial emotional intelligence abilities are.

What does an engaged leader look like?

  • They know your organization’s mission, vision, and values.
  • They work daily toward that mission and vision leveraging the values are their foundation.
  • They hold their direct and indirect employees accountable to achieve the mission.

Fully-developed leaders understand how to communicate across diverse demographics and multiple channels. They are able to connect deeply with employees, prospects, and clients and see more job descriptions—they see the emotions, motivations, and strengths each person brings to the table and they know how to maximize these gifts. 


Employee Development

Do you or your employees need help:

  • Making decisions?
  • Improving productivity and time-management behaviors?
  • Communicating?
  • Building confidence?
  • Brainstorming career paths?
  • Resolving conflicts?
  • Reducing stress?
  • Designing an exit strategy?
  • Negotiating?
  • Meeting sales or individual performance targets and goals?

Our highest objective is to help you team or organization reach its purpose, clarify its vision, and accomplish its goals. Quest2 will work with you and your employees to build intentionality in to personal and professional development plans. If your team is continually focused on development, then they will be actively engaged in their personal mission and yours. Investing in and developing your employees generates increased morale, which creates a thriving culture, which in turn, directly impacts performance, client satisfaction, and revenue. Check out our training solutions or reach out to get started developing a customized development plan.