The Leadership Mastermind training was a very eye opening, positive, and self-enlightening experience. Thank you for challenging me to be a better me, as I self-develop to become a stronger leader. I believe the lessons shared by you as the facilitator of this training would benefit a lot of other people; not just managers, supervisors, or leaders. I hope that our leaders see the value and importance of this training and allow others to also develop who they are and who they have the potential to become.
— Assistant Associate Director, Prince George’s County Gov't

Michael’s process and spirit is kind and compassionate–while also firm and direct. I believe it is what allows those Michael works with to make genuine and lasting progress in their lives. I would not hesitate to engage Quest2 and Michael as a coach again for myself or others.
— Ben Taub, President of 411 Labs

I requested Quest2’s services as part of a leadership retreat for 15 senior staff members. The theme was employee engagement and Quest2 conducted a leadership training for the senior staff. The presentation was exceptional and very well received by all staff. They provided a very hands-on and interactive presentation. The presenter’s own passion, delivery, and testimonial really resonated with participates. We would definitely use Quest2 again.
— HR Director, Prince George's County Gov't


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The Mentor Protégé Program has exceeded their goals by assisting seven companies within their first cohort class with ten companies in their second cohort class. The program teaches these companies how to build their business, bid on projects, and continue their success after the cohort program comes to an end.
This video explains how the Prince George's County Clean Water Partnership is helping the County achieve stormwater regulatory requirements, while also providing socio-economic benefits to the PGCo businesses, residents and the community at large.