We start with you.


All Quest2 Consulting relationships start with us getting to know YOU—what are you organization’s strategic goals and objectives? What are you currently struggling with internally? What are your training needs? And more. From organization-wide programs to small department-specific solutions, we immerse ourselves in your objectives, goals, and values to design and deliver a successful program that prompts positive behavioral changes.

“Why?” is our favorite question

Because understanding why is when it gets to the real...when we ask "why," we uncover the real challenge, the real opportunity, the real issues. Quest2 helps its clients address the real, mitigate the disconnects, and work together - mission focused!

Science-Based Assessments

We use the best technology available and science-based learning formats to create inspiring, inclusive, and impactful development solutions.

We go deep and will provide your organization with unique insights into specific tactics and tasks you can use to build a leadership culture and an engaged workforce.

We will not only deliver the training programs, but will also work directly with your leadership team to help prepare them to uphold and nurture newly acquired skills and knowledge. Increase your talent, improve your results!

Training + Coaching = Better Results

Once we get a firm grasp on who you are, what drives you, and where you want to go; we will develop a customized training and coaching program just for your organization.  We set ourselves apart by incorporating coaching as an ingredient in our solutions, not a stand-alone service. Quest2 helps infuse the learnings into the organization using coaching as the catalyst.  And uniting these two powerhouses, training and coaching together nets better results:

  • 70% of people see work performance improve. 
  • 80% experience improved self-confidence.
  • 86% of the companies make their investment back in productivity and increased revenue. 
  • 96% of all companies and people would do it again!