Capacity Development


Diversity & Inclusion 

Governments, owners, and developers of all sizes establish Diversity Inclusion Programs to positively affect participation of underserved populations such as Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs), Local Business Enterprises (LBEs), Women Business Enterprises (WBEs), Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs), Small Business Enterprises (SBEs), Certified Business Enterprises (CBEs), and many others.

Quest2 Consulting focuses on underserved communities and populations to help companies comply with inclusion requirements. With direct experience on over $6B of P3 and large construction projects inclusive of rail, highway, mixed use, section 8 housing, and hotel, Quest2 is poised to lead your next project. Our services include:

  • Assessments
  • Capacity Studies
  • Contractor Development
  • Mentor Protégé Program Design, Implementation, and Management
  • Small Business Supportive Services
  • Compliance Program Design, Implementation, and Management   

    capacity development

    When waivers are out of the question and best efforts are not good enough, Quest2's dynamic approach to capacity development is a win/win proposition for our clients and their clients!

    Quest2 works with clients to design and execute programs that build marketplace contractor capacity and fulfill the needs of inclusion programs to ensure compliance metrics are met. We do this by identifying potential businesses and implementing contractor development, mentor protégé, and supportive services programs that are proven to increase business capacity.

      Mentor protege Programs

      Quest2 will design and implement a Mentor Programs to meet your gaps in firm capacity. Our Mentor Programs are built on a framework of four services categories and custom designed to meet the requirements of the client.    

      • Core Services. We design specific activities to immediately impact participants and quickly enhance their capacity. 
      • Supportive Services. We identify the key areas of need (back-office, accounting, finance, insurance, human resources, etc.) for participants and leverage or establish new third-party relationships with service providers. 
      • Training Services. We analyze participants' needs to design and implement training courses that build each individuals' competencies as it relates to their program. 
      • Monitoring and Measurement. Our focus is to help clients improve and build capacity so that there are more capable, diverse firms in our communities and marketplaces. We monitor, measure, and adjust services based on ongoing objectives and results.  

      In February 2016, Quest2 joined the Clean Water Partnership (CWP) team to further develop and lead its Mentor Protégé Program (MPP) for this $100M P3 Project. Our MPP had an initial cohort of seven construction and landscaping companies, which—through the program’s mentorship—were able to bid on CWP projects and receive awards of over $3.1M in an eighteen-month period.  We’re excited to share that several of the protégés are biding and winning work outside of the CWP, a demonstration of capacity improvement.  The second cohort started in August of 2017 with eight construction and landscaping companies and two engineering firms. 

          This video explains how the Prince George's County Clean Water Partnership is helping the County achieve stormwater regulatory requirements, while also providing socio-economic benefits to the PGCo businesses, residents and the community at large.